Gut and Physiology Syndrome


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Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride is the creator of GAPS, which stands for Gut And Psychology Syndrome and Gut And Physiology Syndrome. Since the publication of her first book Gut And Psychology Syndrome in 2004, the GAPS concept has become a global phenomenon. People all over the world have been using the GAPS Nutritional Protocol for healing from physical and mental illnesses.

The first GAPS book has focussed on learning disabilities and mental illness. This new book GUT AND PHYSIOLOGY SYNDROME focuses on the rest of the human body and completes the GAPS concept. Allergies, autoimmune illness, digestive problems, neurological and endocrine problems, asthma, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, psoriasis and chronic cystitis, arthritis and many other chronic degenerative illnesses are covered. Dr Natasha believes that the link between physical and mental health, the food and drink that we take, and the condition of our digestive system is absolute. Her personal experience and the results of her work have supported her position on this subject. Patients speak to her, confident in the knowledge that they are not only talking to a professional, but to a person who has lived their experience. Her deep understanding of the challenges they face puts her advice in a class of its own.

Natasha Campbell-McBride holds a Degree in Medicine and Postgraduate Degrees in both Neurology and Human Nutrition. Her willingness to share her knowledge has resulted in her contributing to many publications, as well as presenting at numerous international seminars and conferences. This book captures her experience and knowledge, incorporating her most recent work.

This book is a gem! It will change your perspective on health and disease and teach you how to heal your body naturally. Dr Stephanie Seneff, PhD

This book should be read by every person with a chronic degenerative disease, and by every medical professional who works with these patients. Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld, MD

This book is a tour de force! A revelation! It should be required reading in every medical school! Tedd Koren, DC

Dr Natasha revolutionized the world of medicine with her original GAPS concept. With this new book, Natasha expands on her vision of the role of our microbiome in our entire physiology. Please buy this book and put these ideas into action! Our world depends on it! Dr Thomas Cowan, MD


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